Location: Diaporos Island

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Project Description

This residence is an exceptional vantage point to watch a stunning sunrise and sunset and experience a palette of unique colours. The house matches the pale colour of the rocks on the shores nearby, blending into the surroundings as if in camouflage. Guests can closely follow the path of the sun as it rises behind Mount Athos, projecting an array of colours inside the house before setting in the turquoise sea as its rainbow rays flicker on the sails of passing boats.

This fourbedroom bespoke residence with summer and winter sitting rooms, one looking to the natural gulf of Kryftos, and the other one to the mountain of Athos, terraces and a swimming pool, takes up more than 2.200 sqm of a private park, in the northeast side of the island. It is surrounded by sandy white beaches with turquoise, calm and warm waters, and a private jetty or easy access, where big yachts and sailing boats can anchor. The housing quarters cover a total of 286 sqm, including the main villa of 186 sqm, a studio of 39 sqm and a 29 sqm independent staff house (plus 32 sqm of warehouse facilities).