Location: Diaporos Island

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Project Description

The first impression from the residence is the sense of an absolute blending of the architectural volume and the scenery. This magnificent location is engulfed by the setting of the beautiful lawn and the impressively large trees. The natural cove provides shelter and unique moments for sea and beach activities. Each single feature complements the residence’s exceptional seafront location, being a stylish reminder of the marine beauty.

This three-bedroom residence of 240 sqm, in a majestic terrain of 6.500 sqm , in the southwest side of the island. It is settled in a natural cove of a rare aquamarine tint, only a few feet from the water, with a spectacular view to Sithonia and Vourvourou. The distinctive feature of the property is its closeness with the sea. There is a beach in front of the residence, which constitutes an integral part of this intimate space. The volume of the house embraces the sea in a setting that offers a continuous play between light and colour.